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Ray Speaks to the Rotary Club of Talladega

Ray Speaks to the Rotary Club of Talladega

Ray Interviewed by ABC News Regarding the Gambling Legislation Indictments

Indictments Signal Need to End Political Corruption in Alabama

Ray Robbins, Republican candidate for Senate District 11, said that he was “extremely disappointed” by news today that 11 individuals had been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges stemming from the involvement of gambling interests in the legislative process.
“I was surprised and, frankly, saddened by the news that 11 individuals had been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of public corruption related to gambling in Alabama,” Robbins said. “However, I am not surprised at the level and the extent to which the gaming interests will go to corrupt and destroy this state.”

Robbins said that he and his family are praying for Senator Jim Preuitt’s family during this trying time, and that he supports, “the premise that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty” in this case, as in any other.

“However, the fact that indictments were issued after a lengthy investigation, that the public was aware of, is harmful to the public’s view of its political institutions. And this fact is compounded by the convictions of public officials in the recent two year college scandal,” he added

“One of the main reasons I chose to run this year is because I believe it’s time for change; not change as a political buzzword or cliché, but substantive change in the way the people’s business is conducted. If we are to regain the public’s respect for the institution that makes the laws our people must live by, we simply must eradicate corruption,” Robbins said.

Robbins said that he believes his experience as a business and civic leader in Senate District 11 will help him bring a fresh new approach to the Alabama Senate.

“Career politicians sometimes lose their way. I’m an outsider, a fact I am proud of. When you look at the corruption that has been prevalent among the Democrat ‘insiders’ in Montgomery  it’s clear, we need a fresh perspective,” Robbins said, “It is time to make a change in the legislature in Montgomery.”

Robbins said,  “We need transparency in Montgomery and I’ll work for that when I am elected.”  He said ethics laws need to be tougher because it is clear that what we have is not getting the job done.  He said he would vote to strengthen the Ethic Law by giving the Ethics Commission subpoena power, and work to stop the laundering of money from one political committee to another.  .

“One of the reasons there is so much corruption in the system is because it’s impossible to follow the money from gambling and other corrupt influences into the political arena. If that’s not fixed, corruption will continue to flourish to the detriment of Alabama’s citizens,” Robbins said.

For Immediate Release
September 7, 2010

ALGOP Selects Nominee to Fill Senate District 11 Vacancy

Birmingham, AL – Today, the Candidate Committee of the Alabama Republican Party met to interview and select a nominee to fill the vacancy in Senate District 11, left open due to the retirement of Senator Jim Preuitt (R-Talladega). The Party interviewed four prospective candidates: Ben Crawford of Talladega, Dell Hill of Alpine, Ray Robbins and Brian York, both from Talladega.

After conducting the interviews, and speaking with county and local officials, the Alabama Republican Party has selected Ray Robbins as its nominee for Senate District 11. Ray is the owner and President of Talladega Foundry & Machine Co. Robbins’ full bio can be found HERE.

Rep. Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn), Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, released the following statement on the selection of Ray Robbins:

“We appreciate each of the prospective candidates for their time and interest in representing our Party. Although all would have been excellent nominees, we are please to have Ray Robbins representing the Republican Party on the November ballot. This situation is challenging in that we are less than 60 days from the General Election; however we believe that Ray will be a fresh , conservative face who will give us an excellent opportunity to win this seat.

“The Alabama Republican Party looks forward to working with the Robbins Campaign to put together a strong message that will focus on jobs, the economy and restoring the people’s trust in government. With Democrats in Washington and in Montgomery expanding government and giving free reign to special interest groups, Republican Ray Robbins is the only conservative voice for the people’s interests in this race – and he won’t be beholden to the status quo, unlike Democrat Jerry Fielding.”

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